The global outbreak of COVID-19 in these recent days has caused turmoil in the world’s rhythm of life. With the hope of preventing the infection of this pandemic, in Vietnam, we are experiencing a two-week social distancing. Despite being affected by the volatility of the economy during this time, Van Tay has been trying to maintain our working progress and ensure the services provided to our clients as well as the benefits of our employees.

1. COVID-19 –  where the global fear begins

With the mechanism of infection which enables COVID-19 to infect the society even before the appearance of its typical symptoms, this new strain of the virus has caused fear all over this planet. The outcome of Coronavirus is not only the increase in the cases, deaths, recovered patients but also in tremendous economic losses.

Particularly in Ho Chi Minh City, namely Van Tay’s clients, who specialize in tourism services business in China, Korea, and Japan have suspended their project due to the dramatic decrease in the number of tourists since the beginning of February 2020. By the end of February and early March, the sphere of COVID-19 impact has spread to many other fields including education, restaurant, hotel, import-export, etc.

The first quarter of 2020 passed leaving Van Tay a large gap in revenue. However, we are still working fine and are able to resist this season.

2. Van Tay’s actions – fight against the pandemic together

Love the nation, love the compatriot

In the pandemic of COVID-19, our revenue has been influenced by a negative meaning whether more or less; however, we are determined not to cut down our personnel. As a company and also a family, we really appreciate the ones who have been with us for such a long time. By preserving the quantity as well as the quality of the staff, we believe that we can go through this hardship together.

We are determined not to cut down our personnel

Comply with hygienic regulations

It was before the appearance of COVID-19 that Van Tay family had equipped our sinks with antibacterial hand wash soap as well as face masks so that our employees could form a habit of protecting their own health. Then, since the first positive case appeared in Vietnam, general sanitation has been pushed to the highest level. More and more hand wash gel, as well as face masks, have been provided. Besides, we have also propagated actively about washing hands properly after coming or returning to the company offices. 

wash your hands Van Tay Media

Washing hands properly

Stay still where you are

Responding to the Vietnamese call to summon and the fierce anti-COVID 19 order of the Government, Van Tay has turned on the company-wide remote working mode. In the early stages, Van Tay has already applied the mechanism of working remotely and operated CRM, so even at this time, all employees know what they need to do and how to do it. This resulting in almost all tasks, reports, and administrative tasks have been carried out regularly and effectively. Everything is under control, the work remains on schedule, the performance rates are still high, just except for one thing that we cannot see each other every day.

Van Tay has turned on the company-wide remote working mode

  • Strange experiences

At 8:30am every morning, Van Tay’s CRM is always full of green dots (a sign of active accounts). Although we can not meet each other face-to-face, our group chat is still extremely exciting and interesting whether it was at lunchtime, snack-time or dinner-time. And whether we are in Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Vung Tau, Long An or anywhere else, we still focus on working remotely, ensuring our progress and contributing to fight against this pandemic. 

“Healthier and more balanced”

Someone said that thanks to working from home, his/her timetable has become “healthier and more balanced” and he/she has the opportunities to get closer to their family. Especially those who have to live and work far from home, this is the time for them to gather with their family members.

3. Determination in overcoming this pandemic, achieving breakthrough

In the pandemic of COVID-19, Van Tay has adjusted our revenue goals accordingly. In the days to come, we will maintain our high spirits to make a breakthrough in the second Quarter / 2020. Van Tay is still growing strong and healthy and we wish you too!

See you soon at the end of the pandemic.

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