1. About Kim Oanh Foundation

Kim Oanh Foundation is a charity fund established in 2009 by the chairman of the Kim Oanh Group with the desire to contribute to eliminating unhappiness in life. The Foundation has organized charity activities in Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, and expanded to the whole country, with the aim of supporting those who are less fortunate.

Kim Oanh Foundation x Van Tay Media

Kim Oanh Foundation is a charity fund established in 2009

The chairman of the Kim Oanh Group believes that charity should not wait until all debts are settled and there is surplus to do charity, but whenever possible, it must be done immediately. And the Kim Oanh Foundation has proven this by implementing practical and specific charity activities, without being too lofty. For example, when visiting the Children’s Hospital 2, Kim Oanh saw children with congenital heart disease but had no funds for surgery, and the Foundation established a heart surgery support fund to help those children.

  1. Collaboration with Van Tay Media

To expand its charity activities and spread positive energy, the Kim Oanh Foundation has collaborated with Van Tay Media to design and build a new website. The new website not only introduces information about the Foundation but also records the journeys, achievements, and lives that the Foundation has supported.

Especially, the new website also helps the Kim Oanh Foundation easily raise funds and receive donations from donors through modern features that are user-friendly. These features include quick donations via QR code transfer, automatic recording and verification oftransfers, real-time statistics of donation amounts, and monitoring of donation goals.

The website also contributes to making the Foundation’s charity activities more transparent, through quickly updated statistics and financial reports. After donating, donors receive a receipt to thank them for their contributions. In addition, the legal basis is ensured so that donors can declare their donations for tax purposes.

Van Tay Media x Kim Oanh Foundation

The new website

  1. Launch event for the new website

On March 31, 2023, the Kim Oanh Foundation organized a charity talk show to launch its new website. In this event, the Foundation announced research results on charity activities and how charity can maximize its benefits.

Moreover, the event was also an opportunity to introduce charity organizations to the public, including Sống Foundation and Cấy nền yêu thương Fund. The Kim Oanh Foundation also launched the “Become Parents Together” program – a program to adopt COVID-19 orphaned children.

Van Tay Media x Kim Oanh Foundation

Launch event for the new website

The event also launched the Kim Oanh Foundation’s online fundraising channel, including the Kim Oanh Foundation website and the Thiennguyen.app account of the Foundation at MBBank. This is an important step for the Kim Oanh Foundation in expanding its vision and charity activities. From the contributions of everyone, the Foundation hopes to continue to bring charitable values ​​to the community and build a better society.

Van Tay Media is willing to collaborate with non-profit organizations and charity funds in projects with a 10% support rate for each project, in order to join hands in building a happy society. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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