From product-centric to consumer-centric

Attention has became the most competed-for currency in the world full of junk articles today.

Raise your voice does not help.

Instead, change your way.

To be different.

We believe brands matter when they can create two-way communication with target people.

And the truth is that people don’t really care about brands.

That’s why brands need to bring something differently impactful from tedious and nonsense product-centric approach.

That’s what we do, communicating with customers and spreading messages in an alluring way, on your behalf.

We believe good story worth spreading.

Whether it’s a compelling brand story, a useful news to spread, a PR article on journal, or a pain-point-killing service, we creatively weave different experiences and ideas together to make brands part of people’s lives and conversations.

Only 20% of an abundance of platforms makes 80% positive impact on target audiences.

There is a billion of audiences, and a lot of ways to reach them, but just a few really matter.

That’s what turn audiences into brand advocates.

That’s what truly impact our clients’ businesses.

That’s why we’re here.

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