“They are reminiscent of a familiar childhood feeling and colorful streets” Hawker Star

1. Research

Throughout the whole research, Van Tay Media studied other cream-selling brands in terms of their logo, color, pros, and cons of each packaging and help our customers understand more about the cream-selling market and the taste of Vietnamese people.

2. Concept

Initially, Van Tay Media came up with ideas emphasizing the product and its origin.

After careful consideration, we decided to bring a youthful, sweet, and intimate look to the brand identity.

Symbolism is highlighted through the image of two animals representing the two countries. The way the buffalo (Vietnam) high-five the merlion (Singapore) expresses the spirit of Hawker Star: serving a dish that brings fun, excitement and, moreover, an impromptu combination of Vietnamese – Singaporean street food cultures.

3. Color palette

When we first encountered ice-cream sandwiches from the customer, we immediately embraced the transformation of a creamy pastel color palette into the first thing everyone may think of when they hear the name Hawker Star. 

In addition, to highlight the sweet pastel color of the ice-cream sandwich, the inspiration of Hawker Star’s color palette focuses on simple tones such as black and white, and grayscale is used at the maximum to make logos in forms (positive, negative, mock-up on other materials, …).

At the same time, the complementary color range is also inclined to neutral gamut with light beige, earth/brown, etc.

The graphics used in the design and decoration of Hawker Star’s publications are soft and minimalistic abstract geometry, and consistent with the logo. As a whole, they effectively convey the brand’s cheerful, relaxed, and positive personality.

4. Fonts

Decorative font expresses the fun, youthfulness, colorfulness (regardless of font color), and positive energy.

Likewise, plain Gotham black and Lato Regular fonts are the main elements used in Subheadings and Content for other design publications.

5. Visualization

The entire brand identity conveys a dynamic and fresh spirit. A delightful taste from Singapore will awaken everyone’s childhood at the very first sight.

Team leader: Joachim Trung Tuan
Designer: Le Dinh An

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