It is a common misconception that running a business just revolves around sales, customers and profits. It’s more than that. It’s about creating a culture that can inspire other people to join hands and a workplace that they can comfortably work in without ease. One of the first steps to achieve this is to share the same uniform.

A uniform depicts the aspiration to be in the same place, where there is no discrimination or differentiation. We are assembled here just for one goal, one reason, one mission.

At Van Tay, on the road of building a strong bond, we initiate to design and create our uniform that expresses our minds  every year.

1. The meaning behind every design

This year version was designed by An from On Frame Studio and went through a lot of drafts before it was finalized. As we put our heart into the sketch, there are some subliminal little secrets on every pattern that you may want to perceive.

Everyone has their own fingerprint

Each person is unique due to their fingerprint. Likewise, an outstanding brand must possess its own charisma to captivate customers. That’s why we pick a fingerprint-like logo as a promise to our clients that Van Tay Media could help them bring out their distinctiveness, and turn it into your dominant weapon.

In the design, our logo is in the left. It could be interpreted that the heart lies on the left side of the body, therefore, the presence of the logo there showcases our love for Van Tay Media. It’s always on our heart.

“Don’t be bored” – Do it your way, but in a creative one

The slogan which is in the top middle of the back, represents our core values in building the company. It means much more than stop being original. It promotes each individual in Van Tay Media to break through, to think outside the box. In other words, don’t afraid to be a weirdo.

The O is shaped like a hexagon, Trung – Head of On Frame Studio said, it was stylized after Van Tay Media’s official logo. Obviously, everything has to be perfectly synced.

2. The joyfulness radiates in the office

Wandering around the office on the first date our shirt arrived, we could see the delight floating in the air. Especially, Trung. He went around giving shirts and pep-talked with others about the shirt. He even posted about it on his IG story.

Uyen is another enthusiast, she just talked about it non-stop with Khue. She even envisioned about the team-building day, we would take a group picture wearing the same uniform.

Let’s count the days, shall we?

A uniform means much more than just a shirt. It could strengthen the relationships and get rid of any barrier in the working environment. Van Tay Media is planning to come up with lots of brand new ideas in the future. Let’s stay tuned!

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