Don’t know what to write when everything has become as dear as breathing…

When names are not just faces

When messages are not just letters

When the first sunlight shines in the sky

And long nights, when dreams appear in my sleep.

Uh so…

At Vantay, everything is full of love

From the deadline notice

to the outline divided into several parts

Sometimes we misunderstand

and then argue.

A few minutes later, we talk as there is nothing happening:

‘Hey, check it out’

At Vantay, just like at home

In the morning, noon, afternoon, evening, when I am sad

Just send gently

a few lines on Messenger

‘500 brothers’ rushed in

Everything is back to normal.

At Vantay, something sounds fun

HCM City – Can Tho City

Although we are so far, we are still “together”

Designer, Coder, Content Writer

Always make customers satisfied

despite several feedbacks :v

I remember the first time I had worked at Vantay Media

Besides a desire to write,

I was not good at anything

But so luckily, I had done much work

Now I think it’s actually lucky!

Although poetry is not my forte

Everything is not good

Just lines were written for those who

want to know what I do at Vantay Media.


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