Not everyone knows that sitting hour by hour and day by day could harm your health!

Many people ask their employers to reduce the working time that they have to sit on the chair to less than 8-10 hours a day. According to several research, sitting too much will affect the cardiovascular system as well as cause a backache and a lot of diseases related to intestinal cancer. In reality, sitting continuously in 30 minutes could slow down the process of metabolism to 90%.

To struggle against the consequences of modern life’s working, researchers recommend that people should rest by standing up and moving for at least two hours during the eight hours of working each day.

But sometimes it’s hard to get yourself out of the chair. What you are very tired and there are a lot of tasks forces you to sit. To overcome this situation, applying simple tips to reminding you to leave the office chair is vitally important. There is nothing more important than your health.

1. Stand up when having a phone call

Form the habit of leaving your chair and standing up every time you are on the phone.

Standing up when you have a phone make a habit of being less dependent on the chair

2. Set up a timer

The easiest way to remember to stand up is setting up a timer. Use your phone’s timer or StandApp to increase your standing time up to 20 minutes a day. They will remind you of standing up and taking a few walks around your office, in addition, you can do some simple motor exercises to get better health.

3. Hold stand-up meetings

If you spend most of your time in the meeting room, try to convert it into a new form of meeting. Standing helps to keep blood flowing. If you think standing cannot be brainstorming as good as sitting, then you are wrong, standing or sitting brings the same performance.

Stand-up meetings or chattings are also a way to help blood in the vein circulate when sitting too much.

4. Walk when taking a lunch break

A lunch break is a time for you to stand up and move to the lunch room. When you finish eating, take a few walks before the next working hours, do not rush in and sit back immediately when the lunch break has not been over yet. Walking after eating is also good for the digestive system.

5. Drink more

Maintaining your water source is important. Instead of drinking plenty of water at once and working for hours, you should drink several times and stand up to provide the muscular system with water.

Drinking plenty of water and dividing the duration of drinking water, so you have opportunities to “stand up” more.

6. Print documents in… another office

Instead of printing documents right in your office, you should go through another room or go downstairs to print those documents. The time spent in going that helps your health a lot.

7. Forget G-Chat (Google Chat) and have face-to-face conversations

Instead of talking through technology and social networks, come to meet and talk to each other. Not only does it give you more time to travel, but it also cements your relationships.

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