How do you maximize the digital marketing efficiency?

Do you need to follow exactly the trite steps? Don’t be that boring. Simply find us to get ahead!

Everyone has his or her unique fingerprint. Likewise, every brand has its unique charisma, which may be blurred by the dense fog outside.

Van Tay Media is helping our clients thrive in a new, lean digital world with a radical customer centricity, a modern enterprise, and the kind of agility that makes a critically unfair difference.

We are here to lift the fog, bring out your distinctiveness, and turn it into your dominant weapon.


Starting from a small but passionate team, we empathize with adversities of SMEs in today’s competitive market. Therefore, we strive to provide creative and marvellous digital marketing services and strategies which can bring out your hidden alluring captivation to the world outside.



Apply AI and automation to all services to cut down cost, minimize mistakes and accelerate the process of serving clients.


Become one of the most reputable agencies in producing creative content, brand identity, and comprehensive website solution to increase conversion rate.


Own a best-in-class communication channel about website, brands and content marketing.

Core values

The Relentless Pursuit of INNOVATION

Everyday is a new race. We race with ourselves to be the Better. There’s no best version; there is only the better-than-yesterday version.

The new concept of CREATIVITY

The truth is that no one really care about brands. We are here to create something different and relevant to the make brands part of people’s lives.

The Commitment to SELF-DISCIPLINE

We know everyone has a dream, but only those with self-discipline and persistence can turn it into magic.

The Firm Assurance of RESPONSIBILITY

In a win-win relationship, negligence comes with the high price that we couldn’t afford.

The WITTINESS and Hilarious Mindset

The Internet is crammed with stereotype contents and websites. Why so serious and boring?

The Firm and Assertive LEADERSHIP

We are the leader of ourselves, and strive to be the leader of the lean digital world that we create.

The Value of OWNERSHIP

Taking ownership is about taking initiative in work. We are all owners of the company, taking responsibility to stay ahead.

The Implicit TRUST

We trust the world we strive to create, trust the power of kindness, and trust the process of using kindness to build that world.

The Absolute INTEGRITY

We are honest, open and ethical, by keeping our word, delivering on our promises and acknowledging our mistakes.

Our team


Bùi Nguyễn Quốc Toàn

Founder and Mentor


Kiều Hải Yến



Lưu Trọng Nhân

Co-founder TELOS


Đặng Trần Tuấn Trung

Design Team Leader


Nguyễn Kim Quỳnh

Performance Manager


Nguyễn Thúy Vy

Service Admin


Nguyễn Thị Thảo

Service Admin


Huỳnh Phước Việt

Content Writer


Bùi Khánh Hương Uyên

Content team leader


Khổng Đình Uy

Graphic Designer


Trịnh Khánh Linh

Content Planner


Phạm Thùy
Thảo Nguyên

CEO Assistant


Đinh Đỗ Quang Khuê

Graphic and UI/UX Designer


Ngọc Thùy

SEO Specialist


Thanh Tuyền

Account Executive


Quỳnh Nhiên

SEO Writer


Tường Vy

Inhouse Content Marketer


Trang Sĩ Hưng

Back-end Developer


Hà Chánh Tâm

Back-end Developer


Lê Văn Chí Thiện

Front-end Developer

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