Today is 13/12/2018, and the event of opening the new office was successful in the atmosphere of fun and warm. VTM experienced a memorable event in its milestone, in its development process. A new home is worthy of the current position of Van Tay Media.

Van Tay Media new office

The course of the event

The event took place in a cheerful atmosphere right from the reception of the guests until the guests leave. Of course, as previously announced, we welcomed guests in groups.

The first group at 9am was for individuals and businesses who are customers of VTM. The atmosphere was solemn but still warm and cheerful. They were people who trusted VTM to help them in their big and small projects. Besides, there were some businesses that only know VTM through the introduction and do not hesitate to choose VTM for their projects. They are valuable customers that VTM worked for.

The next was the reception of VTM’s partners at 11am. They included long-term and latest working partners They were pleased to use the company’s services and satisfied with the way the company supported them. Through this event, we hope everyone will continue to cooperate with each other and help each other develop.

The final group was the friends of our CEO and founder in the company. Although it was 2 pm and everyone was quite tired, everyone was happy to welcome their friends. The atmosphere was more relaxed and happy because everyone understood the “crazy” characteristic of each person.

In every group, we served a finger food with snacks and fresh fruits and soft drinks. This party indirectly forced people to stand more, both helping to mobilize and helping regulate blood circulation.

In addition, when leaving, each guest was presented some souvenirs and a special discount voucher for service of VTM. This was for people to remember VTM longer.

We had a big surprise when some busy friends came to us in the late evening. They are closed friends seeing the development of Van Tay Media. After talking about our new office, we went to a small restaurant to have dinner and drink some beer. The atmosphere here was so animated and we laughed so much. So great! We ended a tired but happy day like this.


And above all, we would like to thank everyone for coming to this party. Even guests who did not attend because of being busy or anything else. We also sincerely thank everyone for contributing to the success of Van Tay Media as today.

Despite our careful preparation, we knew that there were inevitable mistakes existing. We expect everyone to ignore and still retain the happy memories about us.

We sincerely thank everyone again. Thank you for coming to Van Tay Media. Thank everyone.

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