The in-house training chain for the members of ERA Content Marketing team has been continued on last Saturday’s morning, Sep 1, 2021 with the workshop of Ms. Ha Chi, the writer of the book named “Người viết kiếm sống” (How the Content Writer earns to live). In the training session, we discussed an extremely practical problem: “Development plan for a Content Writer”.

ERA Content Marketing and Van Tay Media members at the trainingTeam ERA Content Marketing and our trainer – Ms. Ha Chi (in the middle)

With 11 years of experience accumulated in creating and managing HR in Client’s and Agency’s content creation, Ms. Hạ Chi shared with ERA Content Marketing team the about following problems:

  • Development plan for a Content Writer
  • What the Client are really looking for
  • Q&A

ERA Content Marketing trainingThe members of ERA Content Marketing team were concentrating on the speech

In the exciting atmosphere of a young Agency like ERA Content Marketing team, Ms. Hạ Chi shared fully and frankly about her own career evolution: started as a graduate in journalism, then, “ventured into” many agencies and after that, she continued to work as an employee in producing contents for the clients.

This story is the presupposition to come to the main topic of the day: Development plan for a Content Writer, from a fresher to a Content Manager. 

Ms. Ha Chi explained clearly the workload needed to complete for each position, these essential skills that should be practiced and cultivated, the criteria to be nominated for promotion, and so on. Besides, she gave lots of practical examples to illustrate: The promotion route she has currently applied for the workforce.

Next, the ERA Content Marketing team and trainer continued talking thoroughly about other important topics such as the clients’ real demands, how content writers and content teams can guarantee to achieve high performance, how to optimize a product while meeting the needs of customers,…

Finally, the training day ended with an exciting Q&A section. During the section, the ERA Content Marketing team and Ms. Ha Chi discussed each individual’s difficulties when working in this field. Also, she gave some advice as well as recommended some reliable learning courses and reference sources,…which is useful for our team.

Ms. Yen Kieu – CEO of Vân Tay Media and Ms. Ha Chi

Posing an objective and multidimensional perspective as a result of being in the position of the profession who has been in charge of content producer for lots of different companies and agencies, Ms. Hạ Chi has helped the workforce of the ERA Content Marketing team identify their own process of development. At the end of the training day, we also look forward to meeting Ms. Ha Chi again at other events with more fascinating topics.

Uyen Chi

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