Owning a logo does not mean you own a brand, but not a logo, it means you are not ready to build a brand.

Every business starts with an idea, a goal or a particular vision, and they are expressed by a logo. So, what is Vantay Media (VTM) shaped from and what does our logo mean?

Vantay is a name chose accidentally by its founders four years ago. Initially, Vantay means “deliver on promises”. Every fingerprint on the paper (in the past) is an evidence for making a promise and a commitment. Keeping promises is our first priority simply because when people lose money or opportunities, they could get back, but we couldn’t get back the trust someone placed on us.

  • Each person possesses their different fingerprints, expressing the uniqueness. No matter who you bear a striking resemblance to, you are always different from others and maybe you have not realized yet. Working with us, you will find your difference, and then plan to promote it and make yourself better. This is the way we have been practicing and this is also our promises.

  • The VTM logo represents a clear, well-defined network. VTM always goes from the core value of the product/customer’s service to build and develop a strong brand.

  • If you look at the logo from the bottom up, it will look like two hands holding a blooming flower, showing the cherishing and growing. We always try to do right from the beginning, take care of the smallest things. Because, to grow a tree, it must have a strong root.

  • The top-down view expresses the brain actively working, demonstrating a serious focus, aiming at creating value for customers and improving service quality of VTM. VTM is made up of ideas and people. There are no well-developed businesses existing without adequate human resources and progress. At VTM, we are always exploring, learning, accumulating and creating to make products and services that really benefit our customers.

  • The logo also depicts a multi-layered tree, showing prosperity and sustainability.

The logo has three colors, among them, yellow is the primary one:

  • White color shows a simple design and a clear, straightforward strategy in every step of work.

  • Yellow color is the symbol of the sun, the warmth and the fresh associating with the creation, optimism and vitality.

  • Black color expresses the bravery in the orientation of the company based on reality and experience. Black color in the logo also shows seriousness, classics, respects for traditional rules and development on the right foundation.

Liger Pham – the designer of the brand identity – said that the simplicity from the lines has shown a different, passionate and inspirational VTM. Besides, Proxima Nova font without serifs also shows simplicity and sophistication.

VanTay Media

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