23h27 31/7/2018, there was a girl sitting alone in the room typing every single word participate in the contest “At Vantay Media, I …”. In recent days, I had been “rolled in the flow of work” and I was so slovenly. Day after day, my appointment to submit my entry had come and my boss had just “reminded” me of this!

In fact, when not working, I rummaged in the brain to find ideas for the contest, but I gave up quickly cause I could not brainstorm anything. Now it’s good! I typed the content without words in my head.

I had joined the Media Van for 6 months and this opportunity was from my friend. It was a coincidental occasion when my university friend posted recruiting news about finding a person to work together, after asking her about the job and finding it quite easy, I applied my CV for this job – a home-office-based one. And I was admitted under the direction of Vy (the name of my friend!).

At first, I was fumbling about everything. From working to communicating, talking with the members of the team, I also did not dare to say much because I knew that I was a square girl.

First, I would talk about my work. Posting articles was not difficult, it was simple and easy to do but not sloppy. I was the bridge and directly submitted contents that content writers made their efforts to care for each sentence, every word to meet the deadline. So, I understood that “doing well and respecting my work is a respect for the content team.”

I had been in the intern position for a month, I wrote 19 posts in this first one. I knew that number was so little compared to the ones who were fighting in my team. Just thinking about writing an article was pretty simple but I was wrong! I wrote then read again, but it was not good enough, so it took time to fix. Probably because I had not had much experience in this, so the words were still tough and confused. I needed to learn a lot!

Everybody at Vantay Media always works hard but is also a happy and light-hearted team. I often check the talk or comments of the team and catch myself smiling unconsciously. When working, they are as serious as a good student of Uncle Ho, but when playing, they are like children from the staff to the boss. It is said that when playing, no one is excepted! Not to mention meet-ups, the team’s meetings in real life, but unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to see how  they are alive. However, through pictures, I also understand enough about my team’s ability to be “crazy people”.

At Vantay Media, I like my boss, who is full of enthusiasm and loving her employees.

At Vantay Media, I like to work with my young and enthusiastic team.

At Vantay Media, I like my current working environment.

At Vantay Media, I like my current job.

At Vantay Media, I need to try more … More and more!

“At Vantay Media, I’m Nguyen Thi Thao”

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