Welcoming a new year – 2020, Van Tay Media has held the third workshop, a part of series “People In The Profession”, with the topic about “Increasing the competitive advantages by live streams and adverts”.

Regardless of the busyness at the first stage of a calendar year as well as the last days of a lunar year, more than 30 guests and participants attended at Van Tay’s workshop for the whole morning of Saturday (Jan, 4th, 2020). The event took occur at the 4th floor, ERC International (83, Ngo Thoi Nhiem Street, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC).

The event was led by host Toan, lasting 3 hours (from 9 AM to 12 AM) in a friendly and joyful atmosphere. The two main speakers are Mr. Nguyen Van Hau – Founder of Kimwy Service and Quinn Nguyen – Performance Manager of GOHA. One after another, they’ve shared lots of useful knowledge about:

  • The highly effective way to organize a trivia game on Facebook Livestream to boost engagements.
  • The solution to automate order management (create, export the form into CSV), and the way to choose the trivia game’s winner based on the viewers’ comment.
  • The criteria to evaluate the efficiency of Facebook Ads and Google Ads.
  • The method to choose the form of selling with cheap price but effective performance for small enterprises.

A few minutes before the show

van tay media eventWelcoming the first guest to check-in

Attendees arrived on time

Mr. Toan – the Host of the event

Mr. Hau, Founder of Kimwy Service, is introducing the trivia game on Facebook livestream

Mr. Hau continues his sharing with the visually vivid demo of Kimwy tool

Everyone is listening attentively to the speaker’s sharing

Taking notes from important points in Mr. Hau’s sharing section. Everyone is enthusiastic in participating in the demo of the game

Everyone is taking part in the trivia game on Facebook livestream

Mr. Hau is giving a special award to the winner of the game…

… And Ms. Yen, CEO of Van Tay Media, is awarding the lucky runner-up of the game demo

The sharing section of Quinn Nguyen – Performance Manager of GOHA

His content emphasizes the criteria when evaluating the effectiveness of Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Courting time to note down necessary information

The Q&A section receives an enthusiastic response from everyone

And another question…

Our host is also courting a chance to ask challenging questions…

And the two speakers quickly give out interesting answers…

Our speaker is going into the core of the answer

Everyone is feeling pleasant when receiving satisfying answers

Gifts are given to the owners of interesting questions

Ms. Kieu Hai Yen, CEO of Van Tay Media, is handing a memento to Mr. Hau

All of the guests, attendees, and organizers are taking memorable photos together

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