van tay media YEP 2019The rubber forest along the road greets Van Tay family

Saying goodbye to the bustle of the urban, Van Tay team made travel to Cu chi – the suburb, where our year-end party 2019 was held on Saturday, December 28th, 2019. 2 hours after our departure at 2:00 p.m, finally, we reached the villa. No more waiting, team building activities were immediately started with the enthusiastic and positive responses from all of the participants.

All of us is ready to play outdoor activities

Listening to our ‘teacher’ explaining the rules of the game

When the early-spring winds blow slightly, every lamp in the garden is lightened up, together with the new moon appearing so clearly in the dark sky, we know that the party has officially begun.

Waiting for the party

Ready for the party

Before getting into the BBQ party, the whole team had a chance to sit back and sum up the achievements gained in 2019 as well as the strengths that are worth developing and weaknesses that need to overcome. In this part, Mr. Toan, who is the Founder of Van Tay Media, spent his time sharing the company’s orientation in 2020.

Ms. Yen – CEO of Van Tay Media – recaps 2019’s achievements

Carefully listen to the award ceremony

The “Most Hard-working Team” of 2019

The “Breakthrough Team” (two representatives for the winner receive the certificate)

Ms. Cam and Mr. Trung – The excellent employees of 2019

Mr. Toan – Founder of Van Tay Media – shares Van Tay’s developing plan of 2020

Here comes the party!

Once again, here is our ‘teacher’ announcing the BBQ party

Burn it up!!!

Tasty barbecue meat

Adding some vegetables

Let’s grill the meat together

Early countdown to say goodbye to ‘2019’

2019 passed with lots of developments, memories, and unforgettable milestones

2020 is coming to town and promises to bring along many opportunities and challenges. Van Tay Media wishes you a happy and successful new year.

Let’s take a look at some memorable moments of our YEP 2019 in the following video clip:


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