Each company has its own goals and values. Vantay Media (VTM) was born by two young and passionate people. What are the core values and foundations we have set for our business?

#1: Seek perfection

If most people perceive perfection as illustration and sayings, in VTM it becomes our core value. If a person is not passionate enough to compete with himself yesterday, he cannot grow to a higher level, which means he withdraws from the race with the development of the society. Seeking perfection helps  more cautiously, carefully and responsibly. We also encourage our staffs to create, because when we wish to solve a problem, we have several solutions. If we do not try a new solution but keep framing yourself in a safe one, how can we help our customers?

VTM do not want to be the top brand, but the most trustworthy brand in customers’ mind.

As a technology and communication company, every VTM individual is aware of the great leaps of technology every day. If Google issues a rule today, the next day it will issue another different rule. Today this programming technique is the pinnacle, but tomorrow it does not solve the problem A better than other programming techniques. If you do not learn, do not update, do not experience, only dare to apply what you know, you are taught, then you are only able to solve the basic, less fluctuated problems. If you wish to develop, you have to learn, dare to challenge and experience.

The word “perfection” itself has very different definitions from each person. But self-perfection has the same thing that you can evaluate it using your personal definition. Perfection is always going up, rigorous and developmental. Everyday, we strive to excel ourselves and reach perfection in service, human resources, knowledge, self-improvement, responsibility and delivery our promises. If we want to make more promises, want to deliver on the promise, we must first have the competence!

In sum up, VTM always seeks for:

  • The perfection in products/services.
  • The perfection in technologies/techniques.
  • The perfection in ourselves.
  • The perfection in communicating with and serving customers.

#2: Focus on customers, not opponents

For those who wondering why we do not study the opponent to improve our services, VTM always thinks “there has always enough space for everyone.” Why do we run after the opponent? If a business opens up only to run after their opponents, what are their real values? Have they forgotten the goals that they set out at the beginning? An established company  will solve a problem that their customers need. So, why do we need to compete?

Why do we compete with another service while providing the best values to the customer is more necessary? They are the people that we must strive for their trust and satisfaction. We join this industry, and you or another company maybe join this industry as well. Despite the same industry, each enterprise has different values, cultural identities, goals and contributions. While a big company solves big and complicated problems, we solve more detailed and close problems for each business.

We do not consider new companies as obstacles, existing companies as opponents and do not try to win the market. VTM’s goals are not to “win each aspect of the industry” or to focus on the opponents. Instead, we strive to develop our service, improve ourselves, our knowledge, go along with the right development of the society, and serve our customers better. We consider companies in the same industry like-minded ones, having the same desire of serving the customer and growing and contributing to the industry.

#3: Develop each individual

Human is always the decisive factor of all development. With good human resources, the business will go farther and faster. If human resources are poor or they are unhappy with what they are paid for, they will leave. Training the human resources, creating the best conditions for them to develop, having enough playgrounds for them to discover and learn, they will create greater values for their community.

Individual development is a great way to help us grow our business firmly.

At VTM, we always respect each member. Encourage them to create, research as well as create challenges that will help them shine and pave the way for their personal development.

#4: Respect customers – Help them succeed

VTM considers customers as partners and respects customers greatly (of course, we also ask the same thing from the customer). Every customer always has their differences and the VTM mission is to help them maximize that difference on the right platforms. VTM offers a piece of advice about campaigns and services that are close to their requirements and performs honestly, responsibly. VTM always understands that our service contributes to the success of customers, so we attempt to do as well as possible. Because our customers trust us, we must respect their trust and serve the best.

VTM thinks if a business does not have a platform value, but takes advantage of the belief of customers for profiteering, it will be very difficult to develop in the dog-eat-dog and constantly changing society.

These four core values ​​are the firm foundations for VTM to attain the new, serve our customers more professionally and contribute to the overall development of the world.

– Kieu Hai Yen –

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