Van Tay Media debate contest season 2 – Adapt to the grim

Vy Vy
October 7, 2020
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The second season of the debate contest held by Van Tay Media has just occurred on Saturday morning (September, 26th, 2020) with the participation of 5 teams with extremely creative ideas. This traditional contest of Van Tay aims to find out, provoke the creative power, ability to plan-up as well as both team-work skills and the strength of every single member.

This year, the outbreak of Covid-19 has been a burden to almost everyone in both their work and their life, especially the customers whom Van Tay Media has been working with. For this reason, we, Van Tay Media has chosen “Adapt to the grim” as the main theme of the debate contest with a view to cheer everybody up and help them to have the spirit strength to go over this hardship. 

  • Thread: Choose one of Van Tay’s brands and propose a plan for one viral campaign with the budget of 500 millions Vietnam dong
    • Theme: Adapt to the grim
    • The main materials for the plans are 5 industry groups which have been damaged severely due to Covid epidemic. Those are: Hotel, Travel, Event, Education and Restaurant.

Below is the evolution of the last contest.

1. ‘Muddy Gods’ team – Travel materials – short or long-way trips

‘Muddy Gods’ proposed an idea in which they planned to develop a website of which specialization is to supply planning-up trips function and experience sharing categories.

The problem has hit hard on the people whose everlasting passion is to travel.

“Short or long-way trips” was the key message which encouraged everybody to explore and enjoy the idyllic beautiful scenes right by our sides, and emboldened staying home for safety, then get themselves prepared for the next exploring the surrounding world trips after the outbreak of Covid-19. Go near, then go further, go far to memorize about the near things.

The words “near” and “far” are not just about the geographical distance but more than this, they are the “familiar” and the “new” features of each departure we have been to. Any alley corner nearby our house somehow can be so “far” because we have never, even once, cared to have a look at and feel it before. 

The “Muddy Gods” – the opening team

2. “4 dolphins” team – Event material – the value of your own

‘4 dolphins’ exploited the topic about “the side-chicks” with the message that the womahood must fight for their own families. The main idea of this campaign was to ignite the debate about whether a woman should make up her mind to divorce right after they had found out that her husband had been cheating on her, or should maintain her married life. 

In order to spread the message further, the team, in their speaking part, made use of trendy features and an online event channel with live-stream videos of 3 KOL with 3 distinctive colors and different viewpoints about married life.

Reappearance of the sense of jealousy in the speaking of 4 dolphins team

3. 600k team – Educational material – Respect differences

Key message of the team

The campaign was received appreciation of the judges because of the sensible choice in exploring the theme: In a mirrored world, homosexual is normal while heterosexual is looked down on. 600k, sensibly, used gamification into sexual education and propagated respect to the differences of every single person.

 Outstanding competitors

4.Team ONE – hotel material – self-serving hotel challenge

This is the most unique idea in the debate contest. The team planned up a chain of offline events in which the players are challenged to serve themselves when coming to a hotel. These events aimed to help everybody to be aware of the significance of services that seemed to be invisible. After every turn, the players will join sending messages encouraging spiritual strength of the hotel services community – the industry group which has been damaged severely because of the epidemic.

For more detail: Click here

The replica of the interactive game at Nguyễn Huệ Pedestrian Street

2 men of team ONE wish to convey the message “One message – Thousands of heart” to encourage the sharing and caring to surrounding people

5. Tuhu team – Restaurant material – no more difficulties to family meals 

Realizing and wishing to solve the problem of “what to eat today”  in this busy life, Tuhu team proposed a solution which was “Modernize family meals with the application of technological apps.”

Overview the campaign of Tuhu team 

The members of the Tuhu team, together, completed their presentation meticulously with eye-catching slides, and concentrated on dealing with  their chosen material successfully.

The confidence of team 5 after their presentation

Here are some other images in the debate contest.Hương Uyên was responding to the questions from other teams

Tính Dương was asking questions passionately

Tuấn Trung was no less enthusiastic than the others

van-tay-media-debate-season-2-3Quinn and Linh were listening to the questions

Uyên Chi kept on countering and arguing after receiving the replies

van-tay-media-debate-season-2-1The judges were commenting passionately in order to help the teams complete their campaigns

In the final round, the prize went to “Muddy Gods” team because of their sufficient and excellent blend in these following factors: a good idea, efficient team-work and persuasive counter-argument.

Rewarded the winners


After the debate contest of Van Tay, we have found lots of diamonds. We hope that they will continue applying their own advantages into their works and lives.

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