Van Tay Media Debate Contest season 3 – Just do it

Vy Vy
December 29, 2021
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Following the success of the previous two seasons, the annual Debate Contest of Van Tay Media has just been held for the third season on December 18, 2021, with the participation of 5 teams. The competition still maintains and aims to practice teamwork, creativity, eloquence, and management.

This year’s exam has a huge improvement when it comes to practicality: “From the available services of Van Tay Media, let’s create a product that can be applied practically and bring profits to the company.”.

Here are the full details of the contest.

>>> Van Tay Media Debate Contest season 4 is now available:

1. Team “Nghin le mot don” – From 3 million capital to 10 billion profit

In the context of the complicated pandemic and the increasing demand for online shopping, E-commerce has emerged as a delicious piece of cake that is being noticed by agencies. Grasping this consumption trend, the team opened the contest with the Shopee e-commerce platform optimization service by applying vital services of the Van Tay Media ecosystem such as SEO, Performance, Design…

The team name is also the actual commitment if implementing the idea

The team’s bold idea gradually was turned into reality through step-by-step evaluation, scientific data analysis, and sharp criticism. Overall, it is well invested in intelligence, time, effort, and eagerness to learn.

The team enthusiastically presented ideas

2. Team “Vut Vun Vut” – An online  marketing handbook

To solve the challenge, the team chose the “Knowledge & Community” topic to build a plan. Accordingly, their final product is a website that provides knowledge about marketing, helping people access, learn and update all knowledge in this area.

Demo of the Team’s idea

Besides humanity values, towards the common benefit of the community, the product is designed to build a bigger fan base for Van Tay, thereby converting it into potential customers.

Competition part of Vut Vun Vut

3.  Team 4 – AI technology

In the context of Covid and the development of technology, the user’s purchase experiences need comprehensive improvement in terms of sight and hearing.” This is the premise of Team 4 to deploy the product. The final one is a service package that provides 360-degree images and AI voice to introduce products/services on the website.

Demo product of Team 4

From the vital service of website design – coding, Team 4 has added features to suit users’ tastes, helping businesses solve the problem of offline stores that are limited to operating during the epidemic season.

Although the application of AI voice and 360-degree images to the website is not new, it is highly reasonable and realistic in the current context. 

Team 4 has a remote presentation because most of the members are remote

4. Team 5K – Chum Squad

Based on two core services, Let web (Optimal Website Solutions for Marketing) and TELOS (Creating  Brand Identity Systems and Viral Campaigns), the 5K team has brought a product highly appreciated for its creativity. 

Main idea of the team

The product is a Chrome Extension called Chum Squad with the identification and squad of super cute characters, whose task is to remind everyone to rest and relax according to a fixed time frame, helping to reduce the stress, fatigue and spiritual “refresh”.

After the Q&A session, the 5K team received positive contributions to help bring the idea closer to reality, deploying it in many different directions.

Presentation of Team 5K

5. Team “Quyet lay 3TR” – Colap prints T-shirts & connects the artist community

Starting from the quality artwork warehouse, high coverage, and frequency of launching viral campaigns of the TELOS team, the team decided to commercialize them by bringing those designs on products ranging from T-shirts, hats, tote bags, books… and open for sale/ pre-order.

All artwork in the annual viral campaign will be used for making printed t-shirts for selling. Next, the team had an idea to connect artists who wanted to put their designs on Colap’s products, then the commission was calculated for the artist on each product sold. Colap aims to build a community to share knowledge, job hunting, recruitment… for artists.

Some moments of the team

After 4 hours of competition, 5 teams had moments of brainstorming to argue, and of course, there was no shortage of funny laughter throughout the contests. The final result was quite surprising. For the first time in 3 years, Van Tay’s competition has 2 championship prizes. Congratulations to Nghin le mot don and 5K for excellently winning first prize.

Team “Nghin le mot don” and “5K” are the champions 

The judges positively evaluated the enthusiastic spirit of all 5 teams, especially the ability to materialize beyond initial expectations. In the future, one way or another, the above ideas will one by one appear and bring profits to the company. But in the immediate future, Van Tay is proud of owning a cohesive team that always strives to become the best version of each person!

Some memorable pictures from the contest

See you in the next Debate Contest in 2022

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