I @m Thor. At Vantay Media, I’m just a little girl.

…So, in this blog, I will write it in romantic words.

I was no longer a member of Vantay Media, my big family, for exactly one month. New things come in a better way. Old things still remain and seem to tighten more for all things we had through one last year.

I am getting a new job at a new company with a comfortable and satisfying working environment. Next month, I will also receive more agreements from my admirable agency. And at that moment, I remember my boss and my “home” – Vantay Media.

Honestly, I should use the word “old” for these above things just because I am no longer a skeleton staff now. No checking for webmails on a daily basis. No working with Trello. Although I sometimes ignored messages on Slack or texted some words to my team and scaredly met them in reality, during the course of working in Vantay, they gave me valuable things. Not only did I have a job, but I also experienced new things, shared sincere feelings, studied professional lessons and made an effort to gain outcomes as good as possible despite difficulties.

I was given a chance to work by happiness, by fixing my mistakes and honing every day. I was given a chance to work to express my gratitude to a peaceful home – my Vantay Media. This home helped a lonely bird losing its way in Saigon – a resplendent and strange city become stronger and more resistant.

At Vantay, I had two excellent bosses. “Wonderful, smart, well mannered, well constructive and respectful”, these words are not enough when talking about them.

I also met my little brothers and sisters who are active, intelligent, enthusiastic, highly responsible for their jobs despite their young age.

Working at Vantay was like a gentle passing phase but certain in facilitating me – a 30-year-old woman living far from my hometown became a happier, more confident and resilient one.

At Vantay, there was the presence of Japanese working spirits – human-respecting culture, and Western working style – dynamic working culture. Vantay created a flexible and comfortable environment by allowing their staffs to work at home – a type of free but self-aware working style. Many good things converging in one good place help me find my “better Thor” version.

Thank my bosses, my younger peers, and my remote working environment. Thank your sympathy and empathy. Thank all.

And I am Thor – despite how far I go, I will never forget my starting point, a place gave me opportunities to touch new points.

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