As a young, dynamic Marketing Agency, Van Tay Media people are not only passionate about their work but also enthusiastic in the company’s activities.

On August 22nd, the Van Tay team gathered to hold a Marketing contest. The goals of organizing this contest are improving creativity, teamwork, project management skills and discovering brand new talents. It is a playground for teams to cultivate their rhetoric skills and promote the potential strengths of each person.

With the question “Launch a viral campaign of 100 million VND for Van Tay Media”, the judges brought up fascinating topics to challenge our young people. The topics are:

1. The helplessness

2. The overlap of realities

3. The belief in something unreasonable

4. The Light

5. The 1990s

However, none of the topics can stop these young ones from building their impressive campaigns. Now, shall we meet the talented youth of Van Tay family?


Van Tay Media Marketing Contest

The VI DIU Team excelled over other competitors to become the winner with a campaign inspired by the topic “The belief in something unreasonable. VI DIU team’s strength lies not only in creativity but also in their critical thinking.

Let’s take a look at their viral campaign!


Van Tay Media Marketing Contest

Using “The Light” as the main material for their campaign, the “FOUR KITTIES” team created a remarkably moving story about the Mid-Autumn Festival. Although not winning the contest, the “FOUR KITTIES” team has successfully won the hearts of everyone in Van Tay as after all, we are just children who live far away from home and have such strong belief in family relationship.

Van Tay Media Marketing Contest

The “Doquadolai” team brought to the competition an imaginary character named “Cô em Biết Tuốt” (A girl who knows it all). This character is humorous and profound at the same time, she also has an interest in social and environmental issues. The team also cleverly combines Van Tay’s previous viral campaigns so that people know more about us.

Van Tay Media Marketing Contest

Van Tay Media Marketing Contest

The WIN team is the team that gathered Van Tay’s 04 strong-personality girls. This partly explains why they decided to choose “feminism” as the main material to create their viral campaign. It is known that the inspiration encouraging them to come up with ideas for the campaign is not far away, it is the female CEO of Van Tay – Ms. Kieu Hai Yen.

Van Tay Media Marketing Contest

Van Tay Media Marketing Contest

Last but not least is the Nice Boys team, using a simple yet engaging game to run a charity campaign to raise funds for disadvantaged children. The Nice Boys team also programmed a demo game to propose their ideas. How passionate they are!

Van Tay Media Marketing Contest

When asked about the contest, Phuoc Viet (the one on the left) confided:

“How strange a contest is!”

– When picking teams, I felt like I was playing the lottery. Your team members and your topic are decided by your own luck.

– Then, when preparing for our presentation, I felt like I was running at a marathon contest. But, as they said, everything will be fine, especially when I have my members by my side.

– The presentation day is one of the happiest, most exciting and also most unexpected days of my life as everyone transformed into a skillful speaker.

But thanks to this contest, I was able to learn and improve a lot.

Van Tay Media Marketing Contest

The competition took place and came to an end with different levels of emotion, from serious to emotional and happy.

Despite having to participate in the competition while busy racing with the deadlines from our Clients, everyone tried their best to complete the work.

The contest has given the Van Tay people the opportunity to propose themselves, improve their knowledge in the Marketing industry and build strong connections with each other. Hope you will keep the dynamic, creative, hard-working spirit to bring more value to our Clients and yourself in the future.

What about you, have you impressed with our abilities?

We promise to be back with many interesting activities, so please stay tuned!

Van Tay Media Marketing Contest

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