On November 2nd, 2019, Ms. Kieu Hai Yen – Van Tay Media‘s CEO participated in a workshop organized by Woay (an interactive minigame platform) as a speaker.

As there are only 2 months left until Canh Ty New Year – 2020, the most expected topic exploited at this time is how to increase sales or customer access indicators during the Tet season. The workshop consists of two main parts, Part 1 talks about the 2020 Tet trends and how to implement a short-term Content Marketing campaign in just 3 months for  Tet holiday, while Part 2 zooms into Minigame, a new form to increase customer’s interaction and rate purchase.

The workshop was very cozy with more than 40 participants who are SMEs’ owners, digital marketers, and those who came to look for ideas for their Tet holiday trading campaigns.

Ms. Yen talked about the journey to consumers’ wallets during the Tet holiday.

All attendees carefully record new trend forecast data for hot categories during this year’s Tet holiday. These figures and reports are from reputable sources.

Among those trends, packaging and the dual-use are most mentioned ones as during the Tet Holiday, people often spend money to buy products for gifts or products/services for themselves (in need of being beautiful, healthy and relaxing in the New Year)

In Part 1, with the guidance of Ms. Yen, everyone learned so many items from insight, user behavior during the Tet holiday; then products, services, target customers analysis; and finally the key message, which is the most important component to create a unique and effective Content Marketing strategy. For its value, no wonder key message is the most required and greeted part of the whole event.

In Part 2, Mr. Ho Tien Loc shared about a form called Minigame, which is Woay’s expertise.

After Part 2, attendees are encouraged to raise questions and the two speakers took turns answering all of them.

The more you get to the end of the event, the more excited people become with many interesting and challenging questions given to the two speakers.

At the end of the event, the 2 speakers selected 3 best questions to awarded their owners with some gifts.

Everyone stays till the end of the event and took photos together

Let us recap remarkable figures about WOAY’s first workshop:

– The number of attendees reached 50% higher than the expected number (45 people attended compared to the expected number of 30)

– 95% of participants attend the workshop from the beginning to the end

– 90% of participants expressed their desire to attend the next events

– 95% of participants are willing to promote WOAY to their families and friends

– 8/10 is the average score that WOAY receives from attendees for almost all evaluation categories such as content, usefulness and experience

– “Useful” and “Interesting” are 02 phrases that were most mentioned when talking about the event

Just like Van Tay Media’s previous events, this workshop ended with a lot of knowledge and experience given to all attendees. See you at the next exciting event at the end of this November.

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