In addition to maintaining the core values of the company and committing to providing effective comprehensive marketing solutions for SMEs, Van Tay Media always desires to contribute to sowing seeds of love and helping the community.

After brainstorming ideas since 2022, nearly a year of incubation, Van Tay Media has officially started a regular quarterly charity program focusing on promoting education. Through these charitable activities, we hope to encourage students to overcome difficulties and excel in their studies, giving them more motivation on their journey to acquire knowledge.

  1. The First Journey

The first program is dedicated to the 1st Quarter of 2023. In this trip, we partnered with a Christian volunteer group in Vinh Long province, starting from March 30th to April 1st, 2023.

Our car departed from Vinh Long at 8:00 PM, picking up members in Long An and Ho Chi Minh City. We officially headed to Dak Nong at 1:00 AM. The small car was packed with clothes and snacks in the luggage compartment, containing five people and their volunteer spirit traveling along 14 highway.

Summary of the points the delegation visited during the trip

  1. The first day – Supporting Students to Go to School

After a 5-hour journey, the group took a break at Voi Hill in Quang Tin. At that moment, the sun gradually appeared on the other side of the hill, shining the first rays of sunshine through the thick layer of night fog that still lingered in the distant valley.

 Took a break at Voi Hill 

We continued to move through Kien Duc and Gia Nghia. Before starting the activities, the group spent the first part of the day exploring Nien Lung Waterfall – known as a gem in the great forest.

Contrary to the excitement when going down to the waterfall, upon arriving, the scene of a landslide on the slope caused the plan to be disrupted immediately at 8:29 AM. Failing at this attempt, we found another way. The group started to find firewood, build a fire, boil water, and cook instant noodles for breakfast. After filling up their stomachs and taking a breath of fresh air, listening to the birds chirping for a while, the group continued their journey.

The group stopped at the Nieng Lung waterfall, where they could hear the sound of the stream but couldn’t see the water flowing.

Crossed 28 highway and arrived at the H’mong village in Dak Nia, where we had lunch with the locals and gave candies, snacks, used clothes.

43 pieces of used clothing in Dak Nia.

In the early afternoon, the group stopped at the Quang Khe Protestant Church to prepare dinner for more than 50 high school students studying at Dak Glong High School.

30 “Support to School” scholarships

In the evening, after the communal activities, we proceeded to give out 30 “Support to School” scholarships to 30 students who had overcome difficult circumstances and excelled in their studies. The whole group had a joyful gathering during dinner, with intimate conversations lasting until 11 PM.

We had meals with the high school students

  1. 2nd day- Visiting Tay Son Village

After breakfast, we experienced the feeling of climbing over hills and crossing streams. Sitting behind the driver, everyone was focused on the high altitude because on one side was the mountain cliff and forest, and on the other side was the deep valley.

Luckily, the road was not muddy due to the dry season, but in return, the dust flew everywhere and stuck to our faces, eyes, clothes, making everyone look so funny.

Preparations and the way to Tay Son village

After about an hour following the trail, we arrived at Tay Son H’mong village – where there were children who just learned how to walk but had to walk barefoot, without wearing a hat to avoid the sun, playing all day while their parents were working in the fields planting coffee, pepper.

Tay Son village seen from above

This place is known as the village of 7 no’s: no electricity, no clean water, no phone signal, no wifi, no school, no medical station, and no one has personal papers.

Candies and snacks for children

We had lunch together, rested, and gave cake gifts to the children, new clothes to the villagers. The group went to the H’mong market and spent the night in Dak Nang.

  1. Return Day

At noon on the return day, the group had time to visit Dak Som and the Ho Ta Dung – Ha Long Bay tourist area in the Central Highlands. The small car continued the journey back to Saigon, still with the same five people, but with more happiness because they had done volunteer work. The trunk was no longer filled with candy, but with highland agricultural products, such as orchids, wild bananas, and brocade dresses. Along with the images of simple, hospitable people in the forest.

The first trip brought us many new experiences, beyond our expectations. Thanks to this program, the group donated 43 pieces of used clothes, 100 new shirts, and candy gifts to children. Among them, Vân Tay Media contributed 30 scholarships to 30 students with good academic performance studying at Dak Glong High School.

Vân Tay Media sincerely thanks the organizing unit – Christian Love Group, and the contributions of our  individuals, employees, partners, and friends. Let’s look forward to our new journey in the 2nd Quarter of 2023.

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