Only two days before the opening of the new office officially begin. All preparation were completed by small hands and big heads at VTM. Now, VTM is just waiting for lovely guests to visit it.

These days, the busiest is probably the staff working in Saigon because they directly organize, decorate and send invitations. A lot of work to do. Beside their routine work, they also have to spend time preparing for this important event. And other employees – not working in Saigon – are only supporters. These supporters just help them prepare contents to announce the event. Not very much.

On 12/12/2018, VTM will hold an opening event with a housewarming party to treat the guests. The party has only snacks, fruits and some kinds of drink. It is really simple but it is the heart of VTM sending to everyone. Reception time is also divided so that we can serve the best.

– 9:00 is time for respectable customers

– 11:00 is time for precious partners cooperating with VTM

– 14:00 is time for lovely friends

And because the party is quite simple so people can happily chit-chat with each other easily and politely. Through this party, people will also make more friends. It will be an opportunity for everyone to find new partners or new customers. Or more people will have more friends, this can help them in their business. No matter what advantages, the purposes of this party are to make people happy and to celebrate VTM’s successful development.

Everyone at VTM expects you to have a good time with us and with each other. We hope this event will help us to be friends and cooperate with each other in the long term.

Finally, we would like to recall the time and place the party will be held:

That is December 12, 2018

At Park 7 Tower – Vinhomes Central Park 208 Nguyen Huu Canh, Wd. 22, Binh Thanh Dist., HCMC.

The specific time is on your invitation.

Thank everyone!


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