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Plan your product launch with a template

Aug 22, 2018
Any good product manager (PM) knows that building a beautiful roadmap is only half of the journey—their team still has to build the product and launch it.
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VT0009 – Pham Thuy Thao Nguyen: At Vantay Media, I…

August 1, 2018 6:55 am

AT VANTAY MEDIA, I… Don’t know what to write when everything has become as dear as breathing… When names are not just faces When messages are not just letters When…

VT0012 – Luu Thi Hong Cam: Please read a few words of mine

6:42 am

At Vantay, I…. My main responsibility at Vantay Media is to optimize SEO. Besides, I have to work with customers. I am a beauty lover, love to go to beautiful…

VT0015 – Tang Thai Trung: “At Vantay, I play Werewolf!”

5:19 am

When I received the theme for this contest, I thought I would not have the idea to complete the entry. But with the “gentle reminder” of Ms. Yen, I gradually…

VT0016 – Phung Tri Nhat Anh & VT0007 – Luu Trong Nhan: 4 chữ lắm

5:11 am

“4 chữ lắm” – a song written by Pham Toan Thang  :))). We don’t find out any song having a suitable meaning or something like that so we take “4…

VT0014 – Ho Ngoc Minh Thu: VTM in my heart is…

5:04 am

Let’s see how VTM in my heart is ?

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