At Vantay, we competed to express love…

September 24, 2018
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These days, the atmosphere at Vantay Media (VTM) was extremely eager mixed with tension. The palpitation was probably just lower than the mood when we watched World Cup but bet too much on Argentina. In terms of temperature, the temperature of the company at that time might be even hotter than the “scorching hot” season of Saigon.

We were in the rush hour to call for likes, shares, to win 1 million VND from the contest “At Media Media, I …”

Everyone was anxious, nervous, holding their breath, opening their eyes, and waited to see who would be honored to win the prestigious award of “Shout the whole company a sumptuous feast”.

At VTM, we expressed love…

Why was it so fun?

This was an internal contest, only for VTM’s staffs. The requirements of the competition were to express the emotions and the reasons we chose and accompanied the company. Entries could be presented in any form: writing, drawing, video, modern music, tân cổ giao duyên (traditional mixed with reformed opera performance), cải lương tuồng cổ (traditional and reformed theatrical opera performance),…

Results would be based on the total number of organic likes + shares. So far, all entries were posted on the official website and official fanpage of Vantay on 1/8/2018 and would end voting on 5/8/2018.

On August 6, 2018, we would know the winning character shouting the company a big feast.

Cute! Let’s see how we competed to express love!

Each fingerprint at Vantay is special.

Thanks to the contest, we knew that there were many “hidden genius” in our company. Some wrote poetries, some sang songs,… Although we knew that no form could express the great love for each other, for Vantay Media, what did love mean if we did not really express it? So, these creative and innovative entries were the awkward words we could express for VTM, our teammates, and our fellows. Immense love was expressed in each verse, each note, each work, and each word,…

An   were probably Trung The Younger Sister’s, the intimate name of the lovely designer Tang Thai Trung. Taking the idea from the company’s tradition of playing Werewolf, he designed a set of Werewolf with the character as members of the company.

The functions of these characters were also changed to suit the reality, but still kept the spirit of this board game. For example, the hunter’s function in the traditional version was changed to: “When you pin someone in the night, if you die, that person will also be met deadlines for the rest of his life.”

An entry was created thanks to the love of playing Werewolf and Vantay.

When talking about the most impressive entry, it had to be Trung The Older Sister’s – a multi-talented designer but suffered from “mysophobia”. Through the entry, VTM was suddenly shrunk in size in a unique 360 frame.

The most unexpected entry was perhaps Na – “holy lady” account and Mr. Luu Trong Nhan – “a beautiful guy” owning long legs. The image of a boy dressed in a black shirt slowly playing guitar and singing a tuneful and melodious sound was completely contradictory to a normal Nhan. This performance combined with Na’s wonderful idiosyncrasy, no trace of silly “holy lady” as normal, made everyone a big surprise.

Silly “holy lady” made a really big surprise!

Not only the staffs submitted the entry, but two respected bosses of Vantay also contributed two extremely passionate and sincere entries.

There were so many creative and unique entries that made us think this contest like Vantay Got Talent. At VTM, each fingerprint is special and distinctive.

A fierce battle…

On August 1st, the release date of the entry, a group chat of the members of the company was active continuously with the one and only content showing up every 5 minutes: “Had the entry been uploaded yet?”

The excited atmosphere did not stop until the next morning. People watched the entry together, admiring, anticipating and betting who will be the honor of shouting the company a feast. Meanwhile, members of the company began a battle called “Who has a thicker skin?”. People called for likes, shares fiercely, not afraid of who they were calling, including old lovers.

A very cute entry of Thao “red apple”

The battle of likes and shares still had not stopped. And the temperature at VTM was about to reach its highest level.

Through five days of calling for likes and shares drastically, Cam The Guardian excellently won 1 million VND. Let’s review the entry helping her have the opportunity to shout the company a big feast!

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