Before starting the sprint in the last quarter of 2019, the Van Tay family decided to reward ourselves a fascinating Company trip with 25 members in the sunny and windy Central region of Da Nang – Hoi An.

Van Tay Company Trip 2019Hello Da Nang, Van Tay Media is here!

Departing at 5 am from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang, Da Nang welcomed the Van Tay family with the blazing sunshine of 9 am, then we took a car straight to An My – Hoi An village.

Van Tay Company Trip 2019The road leading to the villa

The road leading to the villa spreads, one side of the road is a row of pink hibiscus flowers while the other is a straight line of areca. After checking in, the Van Tay people took turns exploring every corner of the building. The villa consists of 2 independent blocks, one is a common living room adjacent to a kitchen and above 2 bedrooms, the other block has 3 floors and includes 6 spacious bedrooms in total. The yard is paved with an aisle in the middle, many plants are grown next to the fence and the opposite is a swimming pool.

Van Tay Company Trip 2019It’s rare for this pool to have a peaceful moment like this

Many exciting sports competitions such as water volleyball, dancing, swimming,…took place in this pool. In the evening, the whole team walked along An Bang beach, sipping cocktails and having dinner together.

Van Tay Company Trip 2019Check-in the beautiful An Bang beach with blue sky, white clouds and clear water

Van Tay Company Trip 2019Take a sip of cocktails in the afternoon together

On the second day, when the sun was still in the dawn, everyone started to wake up. Dew spreads outside the field in front of the villa, the sound of birds chirping on the high branches and the aroma of the interior meadow waves a joyful day of discovery.

Van Tay Company Trip 2019Hey, let’s take a picture before visiting Thanh Ha pottery village!

We stopped at Thanh Ha pottery village, wandering in every small alley, peering at the skillful hands of the potter and finding small and meaningful souvenirs.

Van Tay Company Trip 2019What is she looking so attentively at?

Van Tay Company Trip 2019Oh, she is learning pottery!

Van Tay Company Trip 2019But when pottery is so difficult…. I take photos instead 😀

Van Tay Company Trip 2019A batch of clay has been shaped

Van Tay Company Trip 2019How pretty this wall is! 

Yellow is the color of Van Tay family so let’s take photos together!

After a lunch break at the villa, the afternoon is an ideal time to explore the ancient town of Hoi An. Suddenly, it rained. The old town then became much more poetic with the embrace of lovers and the moment of them wandering under the rain together.

This image is for illustrative purposes only!

Did we all fall in love with Hoi An?

Not until the whole street lighted up, the road was wet and Bai Choi echoed in a rhythm did Hoi An actually live up to its splendid moments of ancient times.

Behold the winning team of Bai Choi!

Five-colored lights weaving under the mossy roofs, the street was crowded with people, especially tourists and several bright flower boats were flowing on the Thu Bon stream, carrying many beautiful wishes. The second day of our trip was that peaceful!

The whole old town lights up at night

On the third day of our trip, the Van Tay family decided to revisit the old town as we were overwhelmed by the beauty of it. The old town in the morning looks more modern than in the evening. Not until we explore all of the food courts and coffee shops here did the weather got sunny.

A batch of freshly ground coffee makes a perfect corner

The steps gradually away from the Old Town

We returned to the villa to check-out and move to Danang. What could be better than Danang welcomes us with rain? In a small restaurant in the opposite of the homestay, the Van Tay people enjoyed their time by gently eating Da Nang special course, which is rice paper served with steamed meat and fish sauce, and chattering until the early afternoon.

Da Nang by night

The evening is the time for each person to explore Danang at night. People divided into small groups and taking photos with bridges and coffee shops. At 9 pm, we completed flight procedures at the airport. The plane takes off at 1:00 am after a 1-hour delay. The Van Tay family landed safely at 2:30 am and put an end to our fascinating and meaningful company trip.

See you at our next company trip!

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