This is a special year at Vân Tay Media because the company’s strategy has changed to fit the market context in Vietnam.

1. Focus on personnel

After a period of building and expanding in various positions, we now choose to focus on developing mid-level management and senior personnel.

We will develop the potential of current personnel through cross-training, providing a shared knowledge base, and sending personnel to short-term courses.

Personnel will be mentored by the BOD, chosen by the personnel themselves, and together we will solve problems, upgrade their mindsets, build trust, and train necessary skills.

Personnel who are suitable and dedicated are the invaluable assets of the company. This year, we also offer more benefits to both long-serving personnel and new personnel with good achievements.

2. Focus on customers

After many years of accompanying over 1000 customers nationwide (80%) and abroad (20%), Vân Tay Media has built the trust of customers and developed with them from the time the company was established or entered the Vietnamese market.

In addition to serving SME B2B domestically, Vân Tay Media continues to expand its services to foreign customers who are doing business in Vietnam. Everything starts with searching for relationships to understand the industry, opening a company, and building and developing that company in Vietnam.

Learning from customers and building solution packages to help customers achieve more marketing and business goals is what Vân Tay always cares about.

Not only providing suitable solution packages, Vân Tay Media also wants each brand to become interesting, different, or leading compared to the market.

2023 will be a year of turbulence and unpredictability, focusing on customers is not taking our eyes off the markets of customers, updating the latest changes and coping or growing plans depending on the industry.

3. Focus on comprehensive solutions

Corresponding to each client, we always want to provide a complete and measurable solution package. Not just offering clients at a few points and providing separate solutions, Vân Tay understands that what we offer must create value and help brands gain new customers.

Focusing only on core services but enhancing measurement and deeper understanding of users, new solutions will help increase the ability to be found and chosen by customers.

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